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About Us

Vision Statement

JTEKT Column Systems NA is a world class manufacturer of directional controls for the international vehicle industry. The management and employees of JTEKT Column Systems NA believe the key to acquiring and maintaining world class leadership is through a commitment to provide quality, confidence and customer satisfaction. Providing consumer confidence and customer satisfaction to the buyers of our products requires a commitment to the finest practices in manufacturing, quality, innovation and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Quality is necessary for success in the market, the key to efficiency in our internal work, and a prerequisite for long-term survival, thereby securing a future for our company and its employees. We, the employees of JTEKT Column Systems NA are therefore committed to producing the highest quality products and services at the lowest competitive price.

Our Mission

To manufacture and supply world class Vehicle Directional Control Systems for customers throughout the International Market while providing continued growth opportunities for our people, and with continued improvement in all areas of our business.